"We have always felt safe & secure in the Village,

When we travel away we know that our Villa is well looked after." - Neil & Joyce Milne


"I really enjoy the companionship that the Village life offers."

- Anne McDonnell

"There are plenty of activities and things to do if you choose to participate,

I love my garden and the space to grow some veggies and flowers." - Audrey Burnett

"We have enjoyed living in a smaller village community as you get to know everyone,

You fell more like part of a family rather than being just a face in the crowd." - Frank and Audrey Newsome

"Being in a Village environment helps stop the feeling of being isolated and alone,

I have had a couple of medical issues recently and have really appreciated the help and support of Management & Residents". - Anne Knox


"As a new Resident I have found everyone to be so friendly and welcoming. The Village is just perfect for me." Margaret Pirrett


Resident Managers, Pat & Marilyn have been at Condell Retirement Village since February 2015.

Both born in the UK, the two emigrated to NZ many years ago. It a was a move they have never regretted and have have loved living in New Zealand and bringing up their Dunedin born children, Mark & Samantha.

Since taking on the role as Resident Managers at Condell Village they have gained a far better understanding of the residents needs and really enjoy the varied responsibilities and requirements the job involves. They take a pride in the presentation of the village and strive to ensure that all residents remain happy and content and newcomers to the village feel welcome.